Press Comments from World Premiere at the Locarno 2008

"Hannes Stoehr has achieved spectacularly what no director before him did: To capture the experience of the Berlin techno-nights. The audience in its theatre seats can live through a clubbing night full of music, hedonism and frenzy (...) Paul Kalkbrenner delivers a sensational debut as an actor."
Deutsche Welle - Kultur 21 (16.08.2008)

"BERLIN CALLING brings Locarno to a boil."
BZ Berlin (10.08.2008) by Michael Zöllner

"... Paul Kalkbrenner... this man is a natural, personifying the anti-hero casually and sensitively at the same time. Furthermore, the film draws its considerable appeal from the musik created by Paul Kalkbrenner. And when Kalkbrenner after the strong final applause peppered with many „bravos“ unpacked his equipment and invited to a dance, the audience was over the moon with excitement. Locarno may never have seen the like of it: Over 7000 people rocking and dancing on the Piazza Grande until long after midnight. This may have been the most magical quarter of an hour in the history of this picturesque place on the Lago Maggiore."
welt online (11.08.2008) by Peter Claus

"(...) Paul Kalkbrenner (...) personifies the anti-hero casually and sensitively at the same time."
Welt kompakt (11.8.08) by Peter Claus

"BERLIN CALLING is the first honest and candid film about a musical genre often arrogantly vilified by mainstream media."
Telerama Fr (17.08.2008) by Jérémie Couston

"Star DJ Paul Kalkbrenner makes a commendable thesping debut as Ickarus."
Variety, August 13, by Jay Weissberg

"Brilliant and heartbreaking... This fresco of modern art dives bravely into a human conflict, truthfully and heartrendingly." (10.08.2008) de Alexis Heraïef

"Kalkbrenner carries the entire film on his shoulders – with remarkable aplomb, if not brilliance."
Screen (11.08.2008) by Dan Fainaru

"A masterpiece in the rhythm of Beat and Electro“ and „A brilliant frenzy of a film, with the famous German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner in the leading role."
Aachener Zeitung / Aachener Nachrichten (11.08.08) by Günther Jekubzik

"Those who have never understood the fascination of Techno will regard Techno music and maybe even the party culture much more kindly."
Volksblatt - Die Tageszeitung für Liechtenstein

"It was much easier for German Megastar DJ Paul Kalkbrenner, who played the part of a lifetime in Hannes Stöhr's BERLIN CALLING, a techno-juggernaut of the first water. He lives through a drug-related crisis and runs riot among the clichés of the detox movies. As an aftershow event, Kalkbrenner in person spun a few numbers on the Piazza, with everyone in high spirits."
Süddeutsche Zeitung (14.08.2008) by Fritz Göttler

"BERLIN CALLING, or: Sex, drugs and Electro-Beats."

"Germany celebrated its greatest successes with the audience in the out-of-contest films BERLIN CALLING by Hannes Stöhr and „Nordwand“ by Phillip Stölzl.."
Tagesspiegel (17.08.2008)

"BERLIN CALLING delivers a portrait, a fiction, that stabs us as if with an index finger. Berlin DJ and electronics producer Martin Karow, alias Ickarus, the protagonist, is a fictitious character, cast with the real Kalkbrenner, but the ups and downs Ickarus has to go through are like a photograph stealing the daylight. Authentical! Kudos to Hannes Stöhr! After „Berlin is in Germany“ or „One Day in Europe“, feliticious arthouse filming!" (09.08.2008)

"Ickarus crashes into the cuckoo's nest. Once again, the open air cinema on the Piazza Grande proves to be Locarno's trump card. And it's not just the incomparable atmosphere and the mountain scenery. In BERLIN CALLING the brilliantly represented flight of fancy with subsequent crash of Berlin Techno-DJ Ickarus demonstrates that the Piazza with its giant screen also offers a magnificent sound. A masterpiece in the rhythm of Beat and Electro, the Film by Hannes Stöhr (...) The intoxication, the nights and days spent dancing endlessly, the change in personality from substance abuse – all that makes us live through BERLIN CALLING believably and authentically. An ingenious frenzy of a film, with famous German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner in the leading role."



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